Thursday, 23 July 2009

Some guys have all the luck....

Americans and Canadians use the term "Guys" to describe both men and women collectively. This phrase has gained popular usage within the UK since the advent of the Internet. I don't use it, just as I don't use cliches or metaphors when talking.

In life, you make your own luck, and some people have prospered by taking chances, or being risk-takers. I am pleased for anyone who has managed to be achievers or high-fliers if it hasn't been at the expense of anyone else, but you can't deny that some individuals appear to be blessed with more than their fair share of good fortune. Those in this category never or at least rarely struggle financially, are in continually good health, have happy marriages and a contented home life.

Conversely, there are people who never appear to get the breaks or opportunities in life, no matter what they do or how hard they try. Whether in employment, financially or in relationships, things never go right. There are also people who receive both good and bad luck at different stages of their lives. At times they get the chances, and opportunities. At other times they don't. Simultaneously, they receive both good and bad luck. Of course, it also depends whether you use the breaks you are given to your advantages. Some people can and do, others can't and don't.

If there was any justice, then nice people would have brilliant fortune in life, and horrid, obnoxious people would receive the fortune they deserve, but it doesn't work like that. This is one of the many reasons why I am an Atheist, and am not ashamed to admit it. In my opinion, there is no God or Devil.

Some people believe Autism and AS are genetic. If so, if my genes had been different at the time I was conceived, I could have been a Neuro-typical. I could have progressed very well in life and experienced no problems whatsover. However, as I wrote in my poem, I also could have been an alcoholic, or an heroin addict.

Other genetic influences that one can inherit are Cystic Fibrosis, Huntingdon's Disease, Marfan Syndrome and Polycystic kidney disease. I could have been physically disabled, if my "click-hip" hadn't been noticed when I was born. It was, and thankfully, I wasn't. My cousin, who got a University degree this year, her click hip wasn't noticed. She is now disabled.

When I was 19 months old, I had a massive fit which put me in hospital for eight days, and in which I turned blue in the face. This indicates lack of oxygen, but thankfully, I was brought out of it. If this fit had got worse, I could have been left a GLDer, due to lack of oxygen going to my brain. Fortunately, I am not.

So I think it is important for anyone of you to think that, just before you mock any Autistic or AS person, if these conditions are genetic, or anyone else with inborn, genetic conditions, that it could have been you if your genes had been shuffled differently. How would you have felt if other people were making fun of, ostracising or ignoring you then? It is so close isn't it?


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