Thursday, 16 July 2009

Aspie quiz

On Tuesday 14th July I participated in a quiz to determine whether (A), you have Asperger's Syndrome, (B) Are a Neuro-typical, and (C) If you have Dyslexia. There are many tests available on the Internet such as this. The problems with any multiple choice tests which have black or white, yes or no answers is that, in my case, my responses vary on where I am, and the mood that I am in.

For example, on some occasions I like listening to rock music, on others I am not in the mood for it. Some times I like listening to Indie. Other times I don't. There are some days when I like listening to classical music. Other times I don't. Sometimes I feel in a sociable, talkative mood. Other times I feel unsociable. One-third of the time, I like being in company. Two-thirds of it I don't. However, I don't change my views, nor do I change what and who I am to be popular. The simple reason is not that I don't want to, but that I can't.

I took the test anyway, and scored for Asperger's Syndrome 166 out of 200. The message which accompanied this information was "You are very likely an Aspie". No great surprise or shock there. For the Neuro-typical score, I obtained 42 out of 200. No shock with that score, because I am not a Neuro-typical. For the Dyslexia test, I got 1 out of 20. The answer was "It is very unlikely that you have Dyslexia". That wasn't earth shattering news either, because I don't have Dyslexia.
Here is the test....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did that quiz yesterday and scored 157 on the Aspie scale and 57 on the NT scale. This was a bit of a shock, as I only seriously considered the possibility I may be affected yesterday, after doing lots of research following yet another "incident" (there have been many such events throughout my life) when I upset a couple of my greatest friends totally inadvertantly through an ill-conceived attempt at humour. Having spent many hours reading accounts, and your website, it is so blinking obvious, but I don't think ASD existed when I was at school (I'm 43), so I just got labelled weird by my classmates and a forgetful daydreamer who must try harder by my teachers. Since then I've taught myself pretty successfully to behave NT most of the time, but still slip up quite regularly, which usually results in me upsetting someone. This makes me feel like a horrible person, but I'm not, as I truly don't understand why the things that upset them upset them.
Sorry, went on a bit there. Thanks.

27 August 2009 at 16:24  

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