Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Glastonbury and cost

I have never been to the Glastonbury rock festival, but when watching Sunday nights concert on TV, I wish I had been there. Madness were very good. I enjoyed watching them. I also felt that though relatively getting on, the Quo turned in an enjoyable life performance, and the recently reformed Blur were excellent. I would, if I ever got the chance, watch both Blur and Madness live. They have each turned out some very memorable tunes in their respective eras.

Reading the newspaper on Monday, some people have complained about the cost of the BBC covering the Glastonbury concert being £1.5 million pounds. Maybe this is excessive. Perhaps the BBC could have done it cheaper. Earlier on this blog, I wrote that Jonathan Ross gets paid too much.

However, I don't think those Dinosaurs making these criticisms would have been as so vehement if exactly the same amount of expenditure had been used to cover archaic events such as the Trooping of the colour or the state opening of parliament. At least, I found the Glastonbury concert last Sunday to be entertaining. I don't find the trooping of the colour or the state opening of parliament to be one jot entertaining.


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