Saturday, 6 June 2009

What is actually good for you?

There was an article in the newspaper on Thursday saying that curries may slow down Alzheimers.
I love curries so therefore, theoretically, I will be ok. I have never smoked either, and we all know that tobacco is one of the primary causes of Cancer, so in theory I could be ok, but who knows? My paternal Grandmother never smoked or drank and yet died of Esophageal cancer at the age of 56. Her husband drank heavily, smoked for over fifty years, and died of an heart attack at the age of 71. So maybe diet is a further cause. Alternatively, my maternal Grandmother has never smoked or drank, and on the 25th August 2009 she will celebrate her 92nd birthday, and mentally, she is sharper than myself. I think genes must play a part as well in Cancer development.

Years ago, I remember reading that tobacco could prevent Alzheimers, but some time later, the exponents of this theory changed their minds, and said it couldn't. So, according to the experts at one time, if you wanted to prevent Alzheimers but wanted to get Cancer, smoke cigarettes or a pipe!

Something will be good for you one day, and months later it isn't. They will also state that one habit could prevent an illness, but cause another, so you don't know what to do, or where you are! I think that with diet and alcohol consumption, you are best off being sensible, and not listening too much to the so-called experts, because if they don't know what's good for you, or keep changing their minds, why should you listen?

Next they will be insisting that we are all in bed by 10pm. I better be quiet, because they might just be listening!


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