Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Learning Styles

My preferred method of learning style is one of being self-taught, as opposed to other people teaching me. This can arise because they can go at a rate that is too fast for me to process information at their rate. Alternatively, in other ways, my mind and learning can be ahead of theirs. I am an experiential learner. I learn best by doing something. I am also a visual learner, in that I prefer to read about something with pictures of the subject or skill I am learning..... rather than realms of rambling text. I use three modes of thinking primarily - pictures, sounds and numbers. I don't think in words.

I get irritated if I am ever described as either mentally deficient or a genius. I am NEITHER, and make no claims to be. Instead, I am different, as my brain is not wired exactly the same as NT's. Again, that is neither positive or negative, but different.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, it should be other people TEACHING me, not LEARNING me. Also, experential has another i in it (experiential).

27 August 2009 at 16:42  

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