Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Who lacks an imagination?

At times, people who have won millions of pounds on the UK or Euro-lottery have said that it won't change their lives. If I were to win such an amount of money, I know it would change mine! I think it would change most peoples. I would go on holidays to, or visit places that I can't afford to, at the moment. I would be able to go where I want, and buy what I want, when I want.

It has been asserted that people with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome don't have an imagination, and this is still part of the Triad of Impairments, along with Communication and Interaction. However, even though attempts have being made in more recent years to correct or clarify this position, it still remains in some literature and books. I personally find it extremely dogmatic and highly offensive. There are authors, musicians, poets and artists with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. So who lacks an imagination? I think it is people who make damaging statements, without fully researching or understanding Autism and AS.

If I won ten million pounds on the lottery, my life would change, yet some people who have won the lottery, haven't had the imagination to give up their job, and travel or indulge in what their hobbies or interests. You may argue that they live for their job or live for work, but they could do an unpaid voluntary job for maybe two or three days a week. They hardly need the money, do they? Who lacks the imagination there? and not only the imagination, but the consideration. Someone else needs that money.

In 1989, I remember being asked at school to finish the song "Sit and wait". I was asked, "All we can do, is sit and...". I replied, as a joke, "Smoke". The person who asked me said "Sit and smoke?, where do you get that from?". I accept, the only thing I can draw is a pair of curtains, and can't sing. This doesn't mean that I don't have an imagination.


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