Friday, 3 July 2009

The relevance of Dead people who could have been Aspies

I have read in the newspapers and on the Internet, in the years which have passed since my diagnosis, that many dead famous people from the past may have had Asperger's Syndrome, as it could retrospectively explain their behaviour and conduct, which would have undoubtedly appeared to have been strange and baffling at the time to those who knew them, as it can appear strange and baffling today, to those who are unaware of the condition, or refuse to learn about it.
This is the wikipedia URL for famous people suspected to have been Autistic (Or have had AS)
Suspected famous Aspies I have frequently heard of are......

Alan Turing
Albert Einstein
Bobby Fischer
Andy Warhol
Enoch Powell

Glenn Gould
Isaac Newton
Peter Sellers
Syd Barrett

all of the above individuals are dead, and therefore we can never know for sure whether they had AS or not. The only way to know for definite is either go back in a time machine and bring them here to the present day, which is impossible as a time machine hasn't been invented yet. Another way is to hold a seance! Picture it now as a front page newspaper headline:


Speculating on dead celebrities who could have had Asperger's Syndrome can be entertaining. However, wouldn't it be better, more useful, and more practical if Autism societies, professionals and the media expressed the need of improving life and services for individuals with Asperger's Syndrome who are alive at the present, rather than focusing on the possibility of Asperger's Syndrome in famous people who mostly died many years ago?


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