Friday, 31 July 2009

What barbecue summer?

In April 2009, the Met office said that the UK was going to have a Barbecue Summer . After a mixed June, which had a fine and warm second half (There was an heatwave at the end of June, and a fine first two days of July, the month has been dreadful. There have been, since the 3rd of July, about five fine days. It has rained on the other twenty-two, most notably on the 3rd, 7th, (Torrential rain fell that evening), 17th, 21st, 26th and 29th.

What has been unusual about the character of the weather has been that it has mainly been dry during the night, and starts raining about 11am, and finishes around 4pm, then it clears again. However, it rained heavily on the 17th from noon to 8.30pm. It is forecast to be fine tomorrow, before more heavy rain sweeps in early on Saturday. Sunday is forecast to be dry, and then there will be more rain on Monday. I find though that it is an insult to have three consecutive very poor summers. I can't remember that happening before.

I also seem to remember in March 2007 the Met Office forecasting that the UK was in for a scorching summer. One that would be identical to, if not even better than, the hot, dry and sunny summer of 2006. What happened? After a fine first half of June, the second half was extremely wet, with record breaking falls on the 25th. Meadowhall shopping centre was flooded. Then July was the wettest since 1936 and the coolest since 1988, and also very dull. There was more widespread flooding. August 2007 had average temperatures but was the coolest, also since 1993.

The Met Office should stop giving long range forecasts and stick to making forecasts for the next three days or so. They know as much as we do with regards to what the weather will be like months in advance. They haven't learned though, as they are now claiming that August is going to be a wash-out. Given their prediction record, we can take it that August will be a hot, dry and sunny month.

Those who work at the Met Office should embark upon a new career. That of being politicians, because they are skilled at saying one thing and meaning the exact opposite.

There are three groups of people I wouldn't trust if my life depended on it. Politicians, Estate Agents, and now, Weather Forecasters.

Given how unpredictable the weather is here in the UK, it is no surprise that people go abroad to places such as Spain, Tenerife, Greece, Cyprus or Italy during the summer, where they are guaranteed hot, dry and settled weather. I didn't go abroad until September 2003.

When I was younger the places I went on holiday nearly every year were Rhyl, Bridlington, Blackpool or Skegness. I also went to Plymouth and Torquay when I was 3, and seem to remember going to Southport one year. My parents go abroad once every year now though, If you think about it, dodging the rain in Rhyll or Bridlington can cost as much as a week in enjoying the sun in Spain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think people complain too much about British weather. I love the variety of weather conditions in Britain. One thing about the weather this year is that despite not being very sunny for very long, it certainly has NOT been cold. People complain about Britain all the time, and not just the weather. Britain, in my opinion is still great. It's good to be able to go out without fear of being caught in cross-fire for example. It's good to have a open society where everything is discussed and debated And it's good to be able to share a joke and have a laugh rather than being afraid of being "banged up" in prison for saying the "wrong" thing.

Dale Smith

19 September 2009 at 21:47  

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