Friday, 9 November 2012

Coincidence Or Joke?

When watching the BBC news last Monday Morning, I saw that a reporter on an item about school dinners was a man called Graham Satchell. I thought to myself, "Do they choose these people deliberately? Was it some kind of a joke or was it a coincidence?". Indeed, I thought it was the 5th November not the 1st April. However, I have seen Satchell reporting several other news items. It did get me thinking though if people chose names for their children that are fitting as a joke or whether it is a coincidence. Similarly when they live somewhere. For example, I heard some years ago that a Secondary School Teacher lived on a street called School Lane!!!

In March 2007 I was in Ely, Cambridgeshire, and I noticed on a Church wall a plaque saying "The Rev Alan Partridge. Tel 202666". The first one was funny in itself. However the three sixes on a telephone number for the plaque on a church wall?

I also read somewhere that this woman stated there was a teacher at her daughter's school called Mrs Schooler and an educational psychologist called Mrs Schools. And a Weather Forecaster in the Midlands is called Miss Blizzard!!!


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