Monday, 24 September 2012

Asperger's affects what makes me angry, where and when

Isn't it odd that some things make us very angry and want to explode and others don't? What can make one person very angry might not affect or bother another. The location we are in at one moment can also affect how we react to events or stimuli. Certainly with me it does. I am more likely to snap at somebody or something, if I receive some bad news or something unpleasant happens in my life, if someone is prattling on too much at the time or is asking me too many questions at once or in a situation where there is a lot going off around me or too many people around me than in a quiet, calm environment.

In fact, the unexpected or mental overload seems to make me angry or want to explode more than a bad or sad event or more than provocation. At least I can tolerate provocation up to a certain point.

There are irritations which piss a lot of people off and yet don't bother me. What makes me have to count to ten are traffic jams, queues, hold-ups, being late for an event, because I feel I am letting the person down I have arranged to see or someone being late without telling me or phoning me, which I consider to be extremely rude, or too much going off at once. I also get irritated and agitated by stimuli such as car alarms, burglar alarms and bus engines and pneumatic drills.

I also will never visit a relative if s/he has visitors. I feel like I am intruding, and I hate to do that or to butt in something which isn't anything to do with me.

I guess it is all related to my Asperger's.


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