Saturday, 22 September 2012

You don't have to be famous to say something deep or profound

Have you ever noticed that world-famous people who have changed the course of history, such as Churchill, Einstein, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and Bruce Forsyth are quoted and their sayings are used by others repeatedly. That is very well and good, but what about non-famous people who have said things just as witty or as profound or inspirational... For example, Harry Shufflebottom, a 63 year old shit-shoveller might say something witty or original or profound, or William Stickers, a 45 year old building site labourer.

For example, would "Follow your instincts, more often than not, they are right".. Harry Shufflebottom, a 63 year old steelworker, Thursday 13th September 1979 or ‎"How successful your life is depends on how happy you are. If you are happy then your life is a success"... Fred Wood, a 40 year old Mill worker - Monday 20th October 1952 or "Happiness is whatever you define it to be in your own mind" - Albert Burkinshaw, a 29 year old coal miner - Sunday 1st February 1914.... be quoted and repeated worldwide if made by a famous person?

One of my favourite sayings is "If your life has been a success depends if you are happy. If you are happy, then your life has been a success. Someone might be married, kids, beautiful home and luxury cars and holidays and be miserable as sin or someone might have nothing and not have two pennies to rub together and be happy..."

I am a nobody and even today, despite the advent of the Internet and social media, I can't see my saying being circulated and spread around the world.


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