Friday, 21 September 2012

Judge Situations On Their Merits Not Rules

I am, or at least I try to be, a law-abiding individual. I also try to be honest and dislike lying to or taking advantage of other people. I have never broke the law or been arrested or in any kind of trouble with the law at any time in my life. People say that I see things in black and white, and yet I find that many of laws or commands in society cannot always be applied.

The first one I find contradictory and confusing is that men shouldn't swear in front of women and children. Fair enough, admirable in theory. I generally only swear when angry or to put emphasis on something I have said. To swear for no apparent reason, means that it loses its effect. It also indicates that I have got Tourettes or have a poor vocabulary. I have heard women and children come out with as much foul language as men. You can take that both ways. The first one is that don't stoop to their level. Show you are better than them. The second one is that if they are going to do it, why shouldn't you?

Another confusing rule is that you should always stand up for an older person on a bus or a train. However, supposing you are 30 years of age and a vigorous, energetic 72-year-old gets on a bus/train followed by a 29-year-old with Cerebral Palsy or MS, who would you give your seat up to? I know who I would give it up to. I wouldn't expect someone five years older than me to give their seat up for me, who was in ordinary health, and I wouldn't give my seat up for someone five years younger than me in ordinary health.

The third one is that you should treat older people with respect. No. You should treat anybody with respect, regardless of how old they are. But respect is something which has to be earned, not automatically given. At least that is how I think and operate. If someone is objectionable, or rude, or difficult, regardless of their age, whether they are a teenager or a person in their 40's or 70's or 80's, then as far as I am concerned, they don't gain my respect. They aren't worth knowing. So why should I respect them? If someone of any age treats other people with respect and consideration, then they are worthy of respect, and will get it from me. If someone older than me is taking nonsense or says something I don't like or agree with, I will tell them, just as I would to someone younger than myself.

The other week I was talking to someone on the phone and I used the F**k word. I apologised because there was an old woman stood nearby. I had a daft thought immediately of myself apologising to her and she saying "Don't F*cking worry about it, I F*cking swear myself often. There are some C*nts about aren't there?".

Mind you, it is also contradictory, when some people say that the TV is not what it used to be or as good as it used to be, the next they complain it is full of repeats!

There are many other things that people say which don't make sense. It makes me laugh when people claim to be a lifelong supporter of a football team. I saw on Facebook a while ago a 23-year old man wrote "I have supported Liverpool for 23 years". Perhaps when he was born his cries were interpreted as "Liverpool!". Perhaps when he gurgled it was "Come on you Reds!". Perhaps his dad took him to Anfield in his cot. The first FA cup final in my lifetime was between Liverpool and Man Utd but I have no recollection of watching it.

Another rule I find hypocritical is this that you are not supposed to speak ill of the dead. When you didn't like someone when they were alive, why should you suddenly now pay tribute to them now they are dead? As far as I am concerned, if I didn't like or get on with someone when they were alive, it is no great loss for me now they are dead. When that happens I would either say "Good riddance I hope he fries" or not comment on all. But to claim you are sad when someone has died when you aren't or to lie about your relationship with a deceased person is hypocritical.

And you wonder why I don't make sense of this world?


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