Thursday, 21 June 2012

Suspicious of the superconfident

In life, I rather would have honesty and unpretentiousness from other people, than bullshit, lies, deception and pretentiousness. As I have that stance, I am not keen on false modesty, because it is what it is - false. I also believe that if you are too passive, or don't act enough, either people will take advantage of you, use you, walk all over you and that you will get nowhere. However, this doesn't mean that I am a superconfident person though - I am not. I do not ooze self-confidence and self-belief. In some ways I have low self-esteem. Whenever I see someone in life who is superconfident and oozes confidence and self belief, it makes me suspicious of both them and their motives. I can't help thinking to myself, "What are they hiding? Why are they like that?". I always think they must have some flaw or character fault that they are hiding somewhere. This stance might be because I don't project myself enough, despite having some assertiveness to my character. I don't know why I take this stance, or why I mistrust people like that, but there you are.


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