Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Nothing Really Changes - I'll Drink To That

On the news last Thursday morning, 17th February, I learned that 15,000 year old skeletons have been found in South-West UK, and evidence has been uncovered that people in those days drank out of skulls. If booze was around 15,000 years ago, then there wouldn't have been much difference from today. Think about it.... nowadays, people often get drunk out of their skulls. Back then, they would have got drunk out of...... skulls. The words "Get", "Got" and "Their" are the only differences in 15,000 years. Imagine it though, "I'll have a Skull of bitter please" or "Half a skull of Lager"... perhaps that is where the Lager brand Skol came from. In fact, it would have been better then when boozing, because you wouldn't have glass shattering all over the floor if or when you dropped your skull, as you do if you drop your pint glass today.


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