Tuesday, 21 December 2010

People who Aspies get on with

I wonder why it seems to be the case that people with Asperger's Syndrome get on with people younger or older than themselves better than their peers or those their own age? It is a problem or issue I have experienced throughout my life, in varying degrees. This factor was more noticeable, and obvious when I was at Secondary School and in my late teens, but still is present with myself, even today, approaching the 11th anniversary of my AS diagnosis, at the end of 2010.

It could arise because in the Secondary School years, people are perhaps more self-obsessed, and obsessed with conformity, image and fitting in, and don't like anything or anybody which is not "cool" or doesn't fit in with what they deem to be the "Norm". In fact, at that age, some people are so far up their own backside they would form a circle. However, people can become more tolerant and accepting of differences in individuals as they get older, work, meet different kinds of people and generally and mix more. School is a rather narrow world and has narrow confines. Once they leave, many people develop on a mental, emotional and social level.

Perhaps it arises because older people are, as a rule, more tolerant and more accepting, and younger people don't judge as much. Another theory I have is that the special interests those with AS have are shared by those who are older, as they can be on obscure or specialist subjects. Topics or subjects which their peers engage in can bore them, so there is little, if anything in common between them. I remember my late Grandfather's 70th birthday in January 1991, and I engaged in a conversation about World War II with an Uncle of mine, who was 10 when the war ended. Everybody else was talking about fashion or other family members or just general bullshit that people talk about.


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