Sunday, 16 September 2012

Why I haven't joined Twitter

The reason I have never joined Twatter, no, sorry, Twitter.. though no doubt there are a few people on it who fit the first four words of what I have just mentioned on it, but then they exist on Facebook, is because I am not a fan in general, of celebrities and the celebrity culture. People might say "Oh such and such is on". To that, I would say "So what? I don't know them. I have never met them. I have no desire to know, see or meet them". I just concentrate on my life and the people who are in it and my world. Also, I like to ramble and rant. You can do that on Facebook. On Twitter you can't or you are restricted. I also seem to like what I know. That is a trait of mine. So you can call me a Facebook loyalist or a Dinosaur, depending on your point of view!


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