Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Why buy what you don't need or use?

How many times is it said by someone "If I won the lottery I would do this or that or go there"? Say if I won 20 million on the Eurolottery, I would tour Britain, Europe, the USA, Canada, visit Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, and go on a round world cruise. Apart from that, there is nowhere else in the world I plan on visiting!

I would never, if I had that sort of money, buy something I don't need or just spend for spending's sake. I can never understand people who win millions on the lottery, who buy Mansions with Tennis Courts, Swimming Pools and Music Rooms when they don't play Tennis or hate the game, don't swim very often or never, and can't sing or play a note. It is the same with people who buy Rolex watches who have loads of money. It must be a status symbol or something. Why spend thousands of pounds on one watch? It just tells the time like any other. I have had my Casio Watch which I wear since August 2005. It has needed two new batteries putting in during that time. If I had that sort of money, I would buy hundreds of Casio watches rather than thousands on one Rolex. Same as having 10 cars. I can understand having two or three yes, but you can only drive one car at a time.


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