Sunday, 6 December 2009


I had some good luck yesterday. I had had a bet on the football. I decided to put £4 on. When I checked the results yesterday at 5pm on TV, I half-expected to not win anything, thinking to myself, "I'll be probably let down by a couple of teams". I was wrong. Arsenal, Aston Villa, Man Utd, Cardiff, Newcastle, Charlton, Norwich and Bournemouth all won, netting me £106.87. I was going to put Liverpool down to win away at Blackburn, but they drew 0-0.

I'm not a major gambler. I sometimes have a bet on the football coupons, and bet every weekend on the UK and Euro lottery, as well as the annual Grand National horse race at Aintree. Gambling for me, is all random. Any team can have a off day, or fluke or freak goals can occur. A favourite in the National or Derby could slip or fall at a fence. I think properly, you either have the gambling instinct or you don't.

From the age of 10, I used to pick out a horse for the Grand National and up to when I was legally old enough, my dad would put the bet on for me. I picked Mr Frisk out to win in 1990. I won £17, as it was 16-1.The next winner I had, and the first I put on myself, was Rough Quest on Easter Saturday 1996, the 7-1 favourite, winning £16. The year after, my mum's horse won and mine came second. In 1998, I picked out Earth Summit, and won £16, as I put £2 on. Three years later, in 2001, there had been the Foot and Mouth crisis earlier that year. However, I was laughing as a 33-1 horse I picked out won. I got £68 as I put £2 on Red Maurader! My final win so far was last year with Comply or Die, the favourite.

Other winnings I have had include £80 on the final night of 1997 in a bingo, £89 on the UK lottery with 4 numbers, in 1999, tenners on the UK lottery on occasion, £6.50 on the Euro lottery, and about five years ago when I won £50 on the Irish Lottery. I just hope to win the UK or Euro lottery, or Irish!

I am not a great socialiser. In fact, I am rather a poor mixer, and I have never particularly liked night clubs. I don't go to them, but between 1997 and March 2006 I used to go to a pub quiz on Monday nights, and won on a game called open the box, £40, £70, and on 1st December 2003, £230, but that was just luck, rather than skill in the latter two, but with the £40 one, it was a question, and I got it. The question was "When was the battle of Bannockburn?". I got it right, by answering, "1314".


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