Tuesday, 10 November 2009

False Humour

In life, what I find false, and I am sure you have come across such a situation yourself, whether you are NT, Aspie, Autistic, GLDer, SLDer or whatever, is in a pub or working men's club or other similar kind of place, when six to ten people are sat around a table, and someone present comes out with the worst, or most unfunny or the corniest joke you have ever heard, or ever are likely to hear in your entire life, and those present falls about laughing in a sycophant fashion, just because they like that person. Then the joke-teller repeats it and everyone present falls about laughing again, often laughing in a contrived manner.

Another, similarly false situation is someone when could come out with the funniest, most hilarious or most original joke you have ever heard or likely to hear, and because those present may dislike or not be keen on the individual that has told it, there is little or no reaction.

If I was in such a situation, I would laugh at the funny joke and remained straight-faced at the unfunny, corny one, regardless of who had told it and where. It is also the same when a well-known comedian is on stage and he asks the audience a question that he knows very well will evoke a positive response or says something like "We've all done it haven't we?" and they all inevitably cheer "Yes". That is understandable. They have paid money to see and hear him; so therefore, they are going to agree with his viewpoints and humour.


Blogger Adelaide Dupont said...

I laughed a belly-laugh at this.

True humour gets harder and harder to find each year!

11 November 2009 at 06:40  

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