Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The 112-year-old marries the 17-year-old

Last week it was in the news that an 112-year-old man has married a 17-year-old female in Somalia. If he is 112 years old, I wonder how much Viagra he uses! However, having read the report further, it stated that he apparently has 114 children. He obviously hasn't been in need of Viagra in his lifetime, if that story is correct!

I doubt if the man in question is even 112 years old. He probably doesn't even know how old he is, perhaps due to lack of education, but say if he is in his eighties, I still find it quite repulsive a man of that age marrying a 17-year-old. What would they have in common? I even doubt he has 114 kids. In Britain before 1837, people didn't register births, deaths and marriages, and 200, 300 years ago, the majority of people couldn't read or write, so many didn't how old they were or when their birthdays were. That is why old people would have exaggerated their ages in those times.

I remember years ago, when the late Anna Nicola Smith, then aged 26, married an 89-year-old Oil Billionaire. Howard Marshall I think his name was. He died a year later, of either old age or exhaustion! Smith said she loved Marshall and that his age was irrelevant. When my grandmother was 89 in 2006, I don't seem to remember many well-toned, 6ft 2in, 14st, handsome 26-year-old men proposing themselves to her. I don't know why. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that she was frail and lived (still does) in a three bedroomed house. She also wasn't a billionaire. I wonder what anyone else thinks?!!


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