Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I prefer it when people speak to me, that they do so in a clear, direct, concise and precise way. All rambling, vague or unclear directions or language does is either confuse me or makes me lose interest. When someone is giving me instructions or speaking, I prefer it if they break it down, so I can digest what they are saying, rather than listen to rambling speech that jumps from topic to topic. This is not because I am stupid, or a GLDer, or rude, but because when I have mentally digested one aspect of what the speaker is saying, I find it hard to switch straight away. I can switch, but am slower at doing so than NT's are.

I prefer language that is free of metaphors, cliches and idioms. I don't take offence at people's frankness if it is clear, constructive, and doesn't mean they are wasting my time. What I find difficult to understand is when someone asks my opinion and I tell them, they then take offence. Why bother seeking an opinion if it offends you? What sort of logic is that? By nature and instinct, I have to say things as they are, rather than what others like to hear. That's who I am and what I am about. I can comform to an extent, but I feel two-faced and hypocritical doing so.

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