Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Priory beckons....

After the Cancer story, rape claims, and wishing she had never left Peter Andre, Katie Price's next move will be to claim she's got Bipolar, and a spell in the priory or rehab beckons for her. If she doesn't do that, she will perhaps declare herself an alcoholic, or could find "God". In fact, it seems to be fashionable of some stars to say they have got Bipolar, when with a few of them, such as Pete Doherty or Britney Spears, their behaviour or predicament is very likely booze or drug contributed.

Names such as Winston Churchill, Dylan Thomas (Alcoholic certainly - Thomas wrote one of my favourite poems of all time, "Do not go gentle into that goodnight", Cole Porter, Thomas Edison, and Abraham Lincoln are suspected Bipolar sufferers, according to one website.

How do this website know? Have they held a seance with these people? Churchill, Thomas, Porter, Edison and Lincoln are all long dead, like many alleged late, great Aspies, such as Einstein or Newton or Peter Sellers. I accept that some celebs have genuinely had, or do have Bipolar, such as the late Spike Milligan or Stephen Fry, and when that is the case, they have my sympathy.

However, it's in an insult to those who have genuinely lived with the misery of that illness, famous or not, when people claim to have it when they haven't. It is also an insult to say someone had Bipolar when they are long dead and aren't here to diagnose.


Blogger Adelaide Dupont said...

Merci, Kevin.

I was thinking that Katie Price had been sane lately. Especially where her husband and children were concerned.

It's hard to do the chicken and the egg thing.

Yes, about 50% of people with Bipolar self-medicate, and often with alcohol and illegal drugs.

16 September 2009 at 09:48  

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