Saturday, 29 August 2009

Money can't buy me love....

Usually, when told that a man is seeking a woman, or vice versa (or if a man is homosexual or a woman is a lesbian), I wish them all the best, and inform them that I hope they succeed in achieving their hearts desires. If told about two people who have got together in a relationship, unless I dislike either or both individuals involved, I say something like, "Well I am pleased, I hope it goes off well for you".

Yesterday, Friday, I read about someone's quest for a relationship. When I finished reading, my immediate thought was that I either hoped her quest fails, or she meets a man in the category she is desiring, who turns out to be an absolute bastard to her.

You may say, "You rotten sod. You are full of bitterness and spite", or you may ask, "How can you wish that on someone?". I generally don't, but last night there was a reality TV programme on tonight called "How to snare a millionaire", in which a 28-year-old woman went to all lengths so she could fall in love with a millionaire.

Certainly, having financial wealth helps in life. I wouldn't turn down the chance of being a millionaire if offered. It definitely would remove all one's financial worries, but you need more than being a millionaire to make a relationship work. What a sad and shallow person the participant of this programme must be, if this is how she thinks she will find happiness.


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