Saturday, 15 August 2009

My ideal job

I have had various jobs in the past, before I knew I had AS, or before I received a formal diagnosis in May 2000, and none of them worked out for me, for numerous reasons. Also, in some of them, I was disinterested, so therefore, my performance wasn't as good as it could have been. I often have to be interested in something to perform well at it, or make a full effort.

I don't claim to be an intellectual genius, or have the same mental or reasoning capacity such as Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin or Bobby Fischer. I wish I did, but I think that in the world of work, with the correct support and understanding of myself, and my condition, I know that I am much more capable than, and have more to offer the workplace, than collecting glasses in nightclubs, or cleaning toilets or dishwashers out, as I did in the mid-1990's. I hated that job. I don't even like nightclubs. I never really have, and looking back, I don't know how I managed to survive and work in such an environment. I wouldn't be able to function in that kind of workplace today. I would walk out within 15 minutes. There were too many people around me. There was too much going off at once, and it was too loud. Horrible. Job from hell.

So what would be my ideal type of job or employment position? One in which I didn't have to interact, socialise or mix with too many people. One where the employers and co-workers fully know about me, my condition, and what it entails. One in which I would be allowed my own space, and one in which I am interested in what I am doing. I kept weather records in my garden between Sunday 20th July 1997 and Wednesday 31st December 2003. I would like a job at a weather station doing that, because I have a systematic mind, and I am interested in the weather. Weston Park Museum, at Sheffield, would be ideal geographically.

Other employment positions which I feel I would be suited for, are working as a museum guide, as I am interested in history and facts, supplying facts to websites or the newspapers or authors. How many times have you read a book or a newspaper, and they have got the date of an event, or someone's age, or for example, the name of a celebrity wrong? I hate it when they do that. .

When that has happened, I have thought to myself, "Hang on a minute, if they can't get that basic fact right, what else have they got wrong?", or, "Well if they can't that fact correct, why should you believe anything else they say or write?". I feel I would be suited for researching facts online or in newspapers, or designing websites, as I have my own website, or writing, as I feel I am reasonably articulate in writing, more than in speech. This is because I can alter what I write. I am also allowed to be more deliberate in my methods of communication.


Blogger Adelaide Dupont said...

This week we have a newspaper supplement about Careers in science and it talks about the roles of museums in particular. There was a guy named Dermot who polishes rocks and does general geology work.

And I see you did alter what you wrote about Sarah Palin. Well done.

Research assistants are always (well pretty frequently) in demand. Jeffrey Archer, for instance, has several dozen of them.

Have you tried the Answers places on various websites? Do you have an account on Wikipedia or Citizendum?

16 August 2009 at 03:41  

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