Friday, 13 November 2009

Greed And Lottery Wins

It has been in the UK news about that couple from South Wales who won £45 and a half million pounds on the Euro-lottery this week. All I can say is good luck to them. It would have been better if I had won 45 million pounds, but I wish them a good life, and hope that they enjoy the fruits of their success.

If I were to win that amount of money, apart from being delighted, I wouldn't go public. I would keep £20 million to myself and spread £15 million amongst family and friends. Winning the lottery would change my life, of course it would. How could my life be the same if I had even £10 million?, but I can only drive so many cars. I can only live in so many mansions with swimming pools and tennis courts and I can only go around the world once. Why would I want more cars than I can drive or have houses across the globe that I never even live in? I just can't see the point or reason in having more money than one can spend.

Therefore, I would give £10 million to charities. Autism charities would receive £5 million pounds. Animal welfare charities would benefit by two and a half million, and brain and spinal injuries charities would receive the same amount of money.


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