Sunday, 15 November 2009

Never Mind Friday The 13th - Avoid Friday The 20th

Some people on Facebook have jokingly posted that they were going to stop in all day last Friday, the 13th November. I didn't as it happened, but I might do the same next Friday, the 20th, because it is in Children In Need Day. I have three favourite charities, as listed on my blog and am not a scrooge. Indeed, on my birthday in August 1985, a few weeks after the Live Aid concert, which I can vaguely remember, me and a couple of friends on the street had a stall across my garden gate to raise money for the Ethopian crisis. In our naive way of thinking at the time, we would raise money. I can't remember what we sold, but we raised about £8. The following day, me and my mum took the proceeds into the Oxfam shop, which used to exist where I live. It closed about 2001.

I am sure Children In Need is a good cause, but what I dislike is how "In yer face" the whole thing is, and how it is foisted on you.


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