Saturday, 12 January 2013

A fortune or property might not be the only thing they find

Has anybody seen that Heir Hunters programme on BBC1? If they look hard enough, finding heirs to fortune or property that has been left might not be the only thing the researchers come across if they search hard enough. It is formulaic that the deceased on the programme are loners or recluses who had hardly any friends, didn't bother with many of the neighbours, if any of them. In hindsight, from what we know nowadays, perhaps many of those who have died, who have been featured on the programme, were on the Spectrum and didn't know about it or were undiagnosed, or had at least psychiatric conditions or personality disorders which were undiagnosed? Watching that programme has made me realise that is actually a job I feel I would be good at. In fact I would be good at being both a recluse and heir hunter! I only accidentally came across my talent for research when I did my 95 year old Grandmothers family tree between March 2010 and March 2011.


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