Sunday, 25 November 2012

Formal Education Doesn't Educate You In Differences Of Life

I have come to the conclusions that Primary certainly, and definitely Secondary School, are largely artificial, false and fake environments. Certainly in Secondary School, most people are conformity driven and uniformity obsessed. I remember when I was at Secondary School that nearly everybody supported Liverpool Football Club, because they were winning everything, including the Eurovision Song Contest and the Grand National, most people supported them. A few supported Arsenal or Everton and one or two Manchester United, and there were those of course, who didn't support anybody or didn't like football.. but I am sure some people supported them to fit in.

I was basically rejected by the majority of peers at Secondary School anyway, but I had the piss taken out of me for my music tastes when I was 13 for liking Queen and the Jam when most people were fans of Bros and Brother Beyond or whatever was in the charts at the time, though inhindsight the music scene in 1989 was not bad at all compared with 2012. I still like Queen and the Jam today, for what it is worth.

In the Secondary School years, certainly, everybody tries to be like everybody else and ridicules or rejects anything or anyone that is different. Of course NT's tend to be like that in general, but it is definitely more pronounced people at that age.


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