Sunday, 2 December 2012

We Are All One-Offs

When somebody dies, one of the most frequently meaningless statements uttered is "He was a one-off" or "We will never see his like again". When I have heard that, I have thought to myself "I can't think of a more ordinary individual" or "Did this person invent a cure for Cancer or come up with a great invention or innovation? Did he live in an igloo in the Arctic for a year or did he dig his front garden dressed in a blue woolly hat, Y-fronts and Wellington Boots?".. if not.. then he wasn't a one-off. Maybe this is a glib or shallow way of saying that they will miss this person, but looking at it a different way, I have thought "Of course we will never see his like again.. we will never see most people's like again because all of us differ from each other in some way or another, and in that regard, most of us are one-offs".


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