Thursday, 18 March 2010

There is nothing racist about the Union Jack

Writing about St Patrick's Day got me thinking. Every town hall in England should fly the St George flag, in Wales they should fly the Dragon flag, in Scotland the St Andrew (Cross) flag. What is offensive about any of them? How and why is the Union Jack or St George flag racist?

Now, if I saw someone flying a Swastika in a public place, I would protest about it, because it is a distasteful symbol. It is a criminal offence in Germany to fly a Swastika or give a Nazi salute, and rightly so. I also find it distasteful when people fly their national flags in their own garden or on the roof of their house. That to, represents some form of insecurity.

With my writings about us not celebrating St George's Day but yet St Patrick's Day, you may ask if I have become a nationalist or have joined BNP or UKIP. No, I have not. I never will. I don't vote BNP but for me, the Union Jack and St George flag must be flown with pride, just as other countries fly their flags with pride. If people don't like it, they shouldn't look at it. If they think it is racist, then they should live somewhere else.


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