Sunday, 7 February 2010

John Terry is no politician or preacher

Last week, John Terry, the captain of both Chelsea and England football teams, was in the newspapers for his affair with Vanessa Perroncel, the former girlfriend of Wayne Bridge, the Manchester City defender. Terry is married with twins. Bridge was once a close friend of Terry's, but I presume he isn't now. However, Terry's affair with Vanessa Perroncel only started after she had split with Bridge. Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge, so whilst Terry is popular with one bridge.... he isn't with another... I am sure he will cross that bridge when he comes to it!

My view is that whilst Terry undoubtedly has been a shit off the field, I can't see why or how it affects his ability as both a footballer or as England captain. It is not as if he's a politician, telling everybody he is a kinda straight guy, or telling us all to get back to basics, or posing at a garden gate with a wife and two kids smiling, banging on about family values and attacking homosexuals and single parents, whilst sleeping with his secretary, or researcher (Male/female) or going with prostitutes or having sex with a sheep is it? He hasn't been preaching to us on making cutbacks, attacking people on benefits or benefit fraud, whilst taking money in brown envelopes from Harrods owners for asking questions in Parliament, or claming for non-existent mortgages, or moat repairs.

They dropped him because he apparently is a role model to children. He hasn't beaten up his wife, he hasn't done drugs, he hasn't raped anybody and he hasn't been downloading child pornography, yet given the media coverage, you would think so. It remainds me of how Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand, who again, did wrong and were out of order, were crucified out of proportion for their offence, by the tabloids, in the "Sachsgate" scandal of October 2008. I had a daft thought that the front of the Sun proclaimed "EXCLUSIVE: JOHN TERRY ATE MY CHILDREN"

Talking of politics, I have heard a rumour that Gordon Brown and David Cameron are both writing to John Terry to thank him for becoming the focus of news last week, and for removing their problems and struggles from the media spotlight... I have also heard they have wrote to Capello, suggesting he has an affair so it can carry on!

The logic of the management of the England football team was shown by their decision to drop John Terry because he is no role model to children.... and they pick Rio Ferdinand to take his place.. presumably on the proviso that he is. This is the same Rio Ferdinand who has been done for drunk driving and speeding... Terry couldn't have killed anyone by what he did.. Ferdinand could have... it's a funny old game, as Mr James Greaves would tell us.


Blogger Adelaide Dupont said...


The man is a FOOTBALLER.

One could well ask: "What standard of conduct do we expect out of our footballers?"

and often they are way out of proportion of what we would expect of a man of the same age.

10 February 2010 at 07:28  
Anonymous Kevin Phillips said...

You would think he was a rapist or a paedophile the way the media have been carrying on. OK, so he's a shit of a person, but that doesn't relate to his ability to play football for England does it?

26 February 2010 at 08:31  

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