Monday, 11 January 2010

Learning BY past experiences

In life, a lot of people get it into their heads that they are bad or inferior at a subject or skill. Be it Maths, or English or whatever. It is a three-way street. It depends on how YOU learn it, how motivated YOU are and on how OTHERS teach the subject.

However, the school system, in the UK at least, offers a bundled-up, one size fits all, approach which tries to teach all pupils the same way, and it assumes all pupils think the same and are the same.... but they are all different. That applies to even NT's. We are people. We are not clones or Sheep. A lot also depends on how talented the teacher is.

The belief, that one is useless at a subject, however, can stick with a person for the rest of their life, due to early experiences in their life.


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