Sunday, 17 January 2010

What Annoys Me

If you ever say to me that I am turning into Victor Meldrew, I take it as a compliment. He was a hero of mine. Victor moaned about the things in life that pissed us off, but because we are British, we aren't allowed or supposed to rant or moan about them.

So here are a list of things which in life, annoy me. I am going to let it all hang out....

1) Celebrities under 25 publishing their life stories. Charlotte Church and Wayne Rooney are two who come to mind. I don't dispute that they are both talented, but still..... Celebrites shouldn't be allowed to write their life stories until they are 35 years old.

2) Radio DJ's talking over songs. The show is about music, not them.

3) Religious fanatics. Everybody should have a right to believe in, or follow what religion they wish. Similarly, no-one has a right to try to persuade non-believers or Atheists into going to Church or following religions. What business have they doing that?

4) Bald men wearing ponytails. If you are losing your hair, you are losing hair. Why draw attention to it?

5) Crap music played when you are waiting on the phone.

6) People who walk into you.

7) Queues.

8) Traffic Jams.

9) People who go on about the "Good old days".

10) People who say your teen years or school years are the happiest of your life. We are all different. We all have different ideas, different views and different experiences in life. Some people loved their teen years or schooldays, others were indifferent to them, and some absolutely hated them. So how are they the happiest times of everybody's life?

11) People who believe everything they read in the newspapers. They have their own biases, their own spins on the news, their own distortions and exaggeration. If someone ever said to me "It must be true, I read it in the Sun", I would seriously question their intelligence levels.

12) People who call for all breeds of dogs to be banned when it is idiots who should be banned from owning them. When you get idiots and numpties, bringing dogs up, they will be nasty or vicious. Never mind banning certain breeds of dogs, what about banning certain types of people from owning them?

13) Greed.

14) Inconsistency.

15) People trying to ban books or films they have never seen or read. How can you know? and also, if you don't like it, don't listen or watch. GET A LIFE, or at least, come to an opinion once you have read or seen it.

16) Bandwagon jumpers. The "Sachsgate" incident in October 2008 springs to mind. Yes, what Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand did wasn't funny, it wasn't clever and it wasn't witty. They both deserved to be punished. However, what nauseated me about the business was that originally, two people complained about it. Then, the Wail on Sunday, who hate the BBC, like the Sun does, (Probably because they are an independent station and report the news in an unbiased, factual way), published it, and 30,000 people complained. Most of those people would never have listened to such a show if it wasn't for the Wail alerting them to it. Some of them probably didn't even see or hear what Brand and Ross said. They complained because it was something for them to complain about, and it provided a reason for them to have a go at the BBC.

17) Christmas songs being played in shops in November.

18) People putting their Christmas decorations up in November.

19) Hypocrisy.

20) People who do wrong, get caught, and try to play the victim afterwards. You did what you did. You were caught, you deserve to get punished.

21) Mistakes in books and newspapers. When dates are wrong, names are wrong, facts are wrong or when they frankly don't make any sense. Why don't they check beforehand? I presume they are being paid a lot of money to write what they do, so justify that wage. I seriously wonder how a lot of literature is classified as being suitable by a publisher.

22) The misappropriation of words. Tragic, eccentric and genius are among them. When the Queen Mother died in her sleep on Saturday 30th March, 2002, at the age of 101, at Royal Lodge, one or two newspapers called it a tragic death. Sad for her family and friends undoubtedly, but tragic? I hardly think so. For me, tragic is somebody who dies in their 20's, 30's or 40's, or at least in most cases it is.

Seeing someone with Alzheimer's Disease deteriorate is tragic. Someone being struck down with a terrible illness or dying in an accident, particularly when young, is tragic. Someone having a miserable life in which nothing goes right for them is tragic. What happened in Thailand on Sunday 26th December 2004, with the Tsnuami, was tragic. Dunblane was tragic. 9/11 was tragic. The rape and murder of a child is tragic. Old people dying alone, uncared about, is tragic. The death of a 101-year-old in her sleep, in a palace, after living a life of unimaginable luxury, surrounded by her family, was not tragic. If that is tragedy, lets have more tragedy in the world.


Anonymous Valerie said...

Regarding the number three one that annoys you, I think it all depends on how one communicates or presents their views or beliefs to another. I think there is a difference between having dialogue with each other about ones' different beliefs verses communicating in an arrogant boastful fashion or even just a mildy forcefull fashion as that is just plain rude. I have seen people 'witness' to others in a very rude way that I was downright appalled. On the other hand, if someone believes they should witness (regardless of their belief)and we say they have no right to do that, then in reality we would have to say they have no right to their belief (which is to witness). At the same time, people who are preaching what they are not practicing are really being hypocrits.

8 February 2010 at 02:04  

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