Sunday, 14 March 2010

Exclusive: Depression is caused by being caught doing wrong

Yesterday it was revealed that Mark Owen, the 38-year-old Take That singer, who is married with two children has apparently had ten affairs with other women, a drink problem and still smokes cannabis. After the scandal broke, Owen was admitted to a private clinic because he was suffering from "Depression" and to deal with his drink problem.

I accept Owen perhaps does have a drink problem. He certainly has a marriage problem, but I wonder why stars always seem to suffer from depression, and end up in rehabs or clinics AFTER being caught having affairs or doing drugs. They don't seem to be depressed at the time. Some people may say that Owen is trying to save his marriage. Having loads of affairs is a peculiar way of trying to save your marriage to me.... but it takes all sorts I suppose.....

I wouldn't exactly call the media and the newspapers paragons of virtue, particularly with some of the bullshit they write, but among celebs, I think "Depression" is a code word for avoiding the media. If the media were after me, I would become a recluse in my mansion, or would go on holiday to some obscure place, instead of claiming I had "Depression".

Owen isn't the only one who has claimed to be suffering from "Depression" when things have gone wrong in his personal life. In 1999, the comedian Lenny Henry had an affair and ended up in the Priory Clinic because of "Depression". I am surprised John Terry, Ashley Cole, Tiger Woods or Jordan haven't tried that one. Suppose there is always time.

If celebs don't end up in the Priory because of "Depression" after doing wrong, they offer a stereotyped answer such as "An error of judgement" or "Midlife crisis". Why can't they be honest and say something like "I had an affair, I behaved like a selfish tw*t but I will try to repair my relationship" or "Its not working between us".

Depression? True depression is an illness. It doesn't come on because you are celeb and have been caught doing wrong.


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