Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Be grateful for the NHS - it meant I could blog here quicker otherwise

In life, I usually find that procrastination is my worst enemy... when I work at something and set my mind to it, I usually achieve it, whether it is quickly or slowly, but the problem is with me often, getting down to do it... I always get distracted or put it off.

However, from the 29th January, procrastination didn't come into it. That day, I was walking down a flight of steps. Nothing unusual or remarkable about that you might ask. No, nothing at all, apart from the fact that I slipped. I wasn't drunk either. I was as sober as I am now. Being right-handed, I put my right-arm out and my body weight went onto my right-hand. I didn't feel anything at the time, apart from stupid, and I got up and carried on, thinking little about it.

On Friday night though, it started to hurt, and my right-hand went very sore and stiff. Throughout Saturday I found it painful to grip or to hold things, and in fact, I couldn't write and had great difficulty in typing. By Sunday morning my right hand was twice the size of my left-hand. Therefore, I decided to go to hospital.

At the hospital, I was waiting about an hour and I had an x-ray. A pot was put on and I was told that I would learn the results on Friday morning. The consultant told me that I could have broken my Scaphoid bone in my wrist. David Beckham, the former Manchester United and England player, sustained the same injury in 2003. However, I was told that I could have sprained my wrist. I sprained my wrist way back in July 1990, and it was painful then.

During Monday and Tuesday, I was in a considerable amount of pain. I could write but my handwriting was not up to the standard that it usually is. Getting a shower was difficult as well. I washed my hair, then the lower half of my body, without getting the pot wet. Gradually, the pain subsided.

On Friday morning, the consultant informed me that I hadn't broke anything in my right wrist, but instead, have sprained it and sustained severe internal bruising. I was given a splint to wear for a week, but yesterday I decided to stop wearing it. My wrist is almost back to normal now, but is still stiff and sore, particularly if I lay on it in bed. However, it is 70% back to normal.

I would also like to thank the NHS. It has its critics, but all I can say is that it served me fine whenever I have had to use it, and I will continue to use it, whether I become a multi-millionaire or a pauper. Private health care might mean that the user is able to jump queues when seeking treatment, but it is exclusive. It benefits only those who can afford it. For those who can't afford it, tough.....

Seeing as my right arm is now potted up, I might wear a hooded top, run up and down steps, jabbing at thin air, whilst singing the rocky theme tune....I slipped walking down some stairs on Friday... and as I fell, I put my right hand out.. and went on it.... I didn't feel anything at the time, apart from stupid..... However, it began to hurt on Friday evening.... and I began not to be able to move it.... Then... I was out Saturday night and it had swollen... I decided to go to the yesterday morning....


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