Saturday, 27 March 2010


Replacing a soft mattress with a hard one wasn't the best move I have made, although the soft one was past it's best. I haven't had a refreshing nights sleep since getting the hard mattress on Friday 12th February 2010. By that, I mean the kind of sleep when you wake up and feel good. I need a lot of time to come around after waking up, though generally, I feel groggy for about 10 minutes on a morning, though this last few weeks, I have done so for a couple of hours after waking. I am not the world's greatest sleeper at the best of times, but action is needed, and that means getting a new soft mattress. My body, and perhaps my brain, it seems, has been conditioned to sleeping on a soft mattress. I also don't seem to sleep well anywhere apart from my own bed.

At the present, I seem to feel fully awake and alert in the afternoons and evenings, but I want to be so in the mornings. Despite this, I am delighted with the bed.

I remember one constantly sleepless spell I had between Thursday 28th December 2006 and Tuesday 13th February 2007. I remember getting up at about 4.30am on the morning of Saturday 30th December 2006, to learn that Saddam Hussein had been hanged in Baghdad. I didn't, pardon the pun, lose any sleep over his fate. I just couldn't sleep that night because I couldn't sleep. I went back to bed about 6.30am and woke about 10am.

I went to bed at just before midnight last night and experienced a bizarre dream in which I broke into someone's house when he has gone on holiday to read a stack of soccer programmes in a suitcase, and have stole some money and a few DVD's, and apparently have been getting away with it. Then Police were coming around nearby. It ended then because I woke up. Briefly, my body was paralyzed, but that ended quickly.

Another sleep related experience I have had is feeling tired at night, but when in bed, I have felt wide awake. I had sleep problems as a child, in between late August 1990 and early October 1990, and on occasion, in May 1991, I would, at about 5am, get up and go for walkabouts near where I lived. This was partly out of curiosity to see what happened at that time, and partly to exercise, because I couldn't sleep. I wonder if poor sleep is related to Asperger's Syndrome?

If a soft mattress doesn't cure this, then, I am either going to buy and read Sir Michael Parkinson's autobiography, read a 600-page book on Accountancy or watch a three-hour DVD on Cricket matches or party political broadcasts.


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