Thursday, 14 May 2015

And I lack empathy?

I am frequently told I have no empathy.

In the 15 years since I was diagnosed, I increasingly am getting a negative and dim view, and low opinion of human nature and how human beings behave in last week and this year. It also confirms more and more, that thinking wise, I am pleased I am not a media sheep who doesn't have critical thinking abilities.

We have seen examples happen a very long time ago, when people sending death threats, bullets and razor blades in the post to the actor who played John Lindsay, in Coronation Street, who got Dierdre Rachid, played by the late Anne Kirkbride, sent to prison. Hundreds of people phoned the Granada switchboard up in tears over it. Rachid was freed after a week due to an appeal, in case you wondered. I considered making a placard saying "HANG DIERDRE RACHID".

Another example from many years ago was when the Sun newspaper and the now defunct NOTW whipped up an hate campaign against paedophiles. A paediatrician in Wales had her house attacked, there was a riot in Portsmouth and an innocent man was punched in the face three times because he looked like a paedophile.

Two months ago, 900,000 people in one week signed a petition demanding the reinstatement of a multi-millionaire Television presenter who was sacked for punching his producer full whack in the mouth. The producers crime was that he didn't make him a hot meal.

Hundreds of people sent the man who sacked the TV presenter death threats. Hundreds sent the victim who was punched in the mouth angry and threatening tweets on Twitter and then they sent a prospective female presenter of the show angry and abusive tweets.

That same multi-millionaire TV presenter, who lives in a Mansion in Chipping Norton, wouldn't lift a finger if they lost their jobs or were hit by cuts to services and provisions. He wouldn't give a shit. It wouldn't mean anything to him. He lives in a world a million miles away from the world they live in.

Last Thursday, the British public had the chance to get rid of David Cameron and his reactionary, awful and divisive Conservative government, responsible for benefit cuts, ATOS deaths and suicides of ill and disabled people, the cruel bedroom tax, where disabled people, including Autistic people, have had to move out of their house/home, where they have lived for many years, cuts to services, provisions, and who have targeted and demonised the vulnerable in society. Where rights to live in council houses are being taken away and Libraries are being closed..

They are demonised supposedly rational people, not realising or understanding that they are a pay cheque or step away from the dole queue themselves or joining them. The same supposedly rational people care more about a baby being born to a upper class couple in London and gush and say how wonderful it is, without caring about babies being cruelly hit by cuts elsewhere.

They say people on the spectrum have no empathy for other people. What about those who voted Conservative and back what Cameron and IDS are doing?

We have people having their benefits cut.

We have thousands of people on zero hour contracts.

We have an NHS which is under threat.

How do the masses react to this?

Largely with total and utter indifference or they say it isn't their problem so they couldn't care less. They refuse to sign petitions to stop all this.

Cameron and IDS will say when people are dying and starving and committing crimes or sanctioned or on workfare or wondering where their next meal is coming from "The people voted for it". And they did. Well I hope they fall on hard times. That would be karma.

The masses are wound up and have their views and emotions shaped by the media, such as lynch mobs wrecking the house of a paediatrician because the Sun whipped up an hate campaign against paedophiles, and a man was punched in the face three times because he looked like a paedophile even though he was completely innocent.

It just illustrates how self-centred, selfish, self-obsessed and narrow minded supposedly right thinking people are. Well if you think the last five years have been tough, I am warning you that they will have seemed like a picnic. You will almost look back on the last five years with some element of nostalgia by the year 2020. I have a very dim view on human nature and how so-called rationally minded people think and I am told I have no empathy and don't think right! Who has no empathy when they vote for a government like this one?.