Thursday, 9 September 2010

Are exams getting easier?

Last month, the GCSE and A-level results were produced, and record scores were obtained by those sitting them. Of course, those who sat them should have been congratulated. However, one can't help but feeling that they have had an advantage over people born 15, 20, 30 years earlier, or older, as nowadays, the Internet provides a lot of information and makes revision easier, with advice, techniques and information on exams. Nowadays in schools, they have homework clubs, mentors and coaches. These were unheard of when I was at Secondary School.

At least where I live, there is a unit called Springwell, where all the troublecausers, disruptive pupils, thugs and shithouses are sent. That was one problem when I was at Secondary School. Such pupils would kick off and disrupt a lesson, and the Teacher would spend 10-15 minutes dealing with them. That of course, would be 10-15 minute Teaching time wasted. I have heard that the standard of GCSE's from 15 or 20 years ago were like the first year of A-level's now. Who knows? However, I am not one for saying "I'm in my day" or "Those were the days", or "Your school or teen years are the happiest days of your life". I look forward generally, not back.


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Interesting article on the BBC;

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