Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Your rebellion is not my rebellion

In life, I am a bit of a rebel. Most people equate being rebellious with dying your hair blue or orange or purple, or some think it means arguing with your parents, contradicting them, telling your Teachers to F-ck off, being disruptive at school or having minor run-ins with the law or just being contrary or even nicking cars.

No. I am not like that.

My rebelliousness has been illustrated by showing differences with what I was brought up and rules which society insists that you conform to.

I was brought up to respect people older than me. That is horseshit. I respect people of all ages, whether they are older than me, my age or younger than me, but respect has to be earned not given.

If someone older than me is acting like an asshole or a prick, then I wouldn't want to know them, and I would not respect them, regardless of how old they were. I was brought up not to cheek people older than myself.

If someone older than my age is talking crap or says something I object to, then I might either tell them so to their face or cut them dead and blank them.

If I am talking horseshit and a 20-odd year old told me, I would say "That's your opinion" not "Watch who you are talking to".

Similarly if I was a kid and some older adult had sexually molested me, why should I have stood for that and let them do it?

I was brought up to give my seat up on a bus for someone older than me. If I was on a bus or train and I saw a person with Cerebral Palsy who is younger than me or has difficulties in walking, I would give my seat up for them automatically. I was walking the other day and this bus pulled up. I helped this woman, aged about 22, get on a bus with a pram. Not because I felt it looked good or was good for my image, but because I felt it was the right thing to do.

If I saw a sprightly or vigorous 70 year old get on a bus, I would refuse to give my seat up for them. If I saw someone who was 70 struggling to walk, I would give my seat up for them. I wouldn’t tell or demand a 16 year old to stand up for me just because I am older than they are.

The same applies that you shouldn't swear in front of women and kids. I have heard some foul-mouthed men. I have heard some foul-mouthed women and I have heard foul-mouthed children. Effing and blinding it constantly.

There is this idea that we should criticise kids and revere the elderly; I have met some nasty, unpleasant and spiteful old people and pleasant and well-behaved children and vice versa.

We are told we shouldn't speak ill of the dead. What if that dead person is a rapist or a paedophile or a serial killer or a total and utter bastard? What if you didn't like them? Why shouldn't you speak ill of them? That is total and utter hypocrisy.

That is my rebellion. Not stealing cars or telling teachers to fuck off or dying my hair.

My rebellion is not what many people call rebellion, or think of as being that, but it is to me.


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