Sunday, 6 January 2013

And The Scapegoating Goes On.. Everlasting.......

In February 1980 a group called the Whispers had a chart hit called "And the beat goes on". It reached number 3, in an era when music was a lot better than it is at the present, when various types of music were in the charts, and when the charts had not been ruined by X-factor and other similar shows. Nearly 19 years later, in late 1998, Will Smith ripped the tune off for his hit "Miami" but the Whispers production remains, in my opinion, by far the most superior work. Also, if the Whispers hadn't ever released that song, I wouldn't have had the title of this blog entry. I have decided to change the words around slightly to "And the Scapegoating goes on.. everlasting"....

And so it does... in the past all sorts of sub-groups of society have been made scapegoats of, by the national media, by politicians and by society in general. Black people, homosexuals, immigrants, asylum seekers and single parents have been among them. Since the recession which started in 2008, and this government got into power, though they did not win the 2010 General Election, I have noticed that the ill, the poor, the unemployed, and the disabled are being scapegoated and blamed, by the trinity of the media, politicians and society in general.

NoI don't have a PHD in the discipline of Economics but I don't seem to remember people with Autism, or Down's Syndrome, or Cerebral Palsy or Spina Bifida or blindness crashing the stock market in the World's financial crisis, and as a result, rewarding themselves with vast amounts of money in bonuses for doing so. Now correct me or forgive me if that is what did happen, and I will retract what I am saying, but I always was of the understanding that it was city bankers who caused it.

In tandem, hate crime in society is at an all time high against the disabled. I personally blame the recession for this, but more so gobshite writers such as Simon Heffer, Richard Littlejohn, Rod Liddle, and Kelvin MacKenzie, newspapers the Sun, the Mail and the Express and numerous politicians for their lies, smears, sneers and stereotyping and distortions of the ill and disabled.

Iain Duncan-Smith says that benefit rises are "Unfair". When he and countless of other MP's and Peers made excessive expense claims, notably for duck pond repairs and moat repairs, and when MP's and Peers ripped the taxpayer off, did they think that was fair? And when MP's have second and third jobs earning thousands of pounds more money do they think that is fair? Or when ministers took backhanders in brown envelopes from Mohammed Al Fayed did they think was fair?

The Sun newspaper was ranting today about benefit claimants.. They parrot what Duncan-Smith says. Neither is hacking into the phones of murdered 13 year old girls fair, or derailing murder inquiries, or bribing the Police, or misleading the Police, or giving parents false hopes their daughter is still alive, or aiding and abetting Levi Bellfield to go free to kill twice more and almost a third time, or hacking into other people's phones fair, or not paying tax into the UK for 25 years. News International haven't paid tax into the UK since 1987, think of how much money that has robbed the UK of schools, hospitals and road repairs?

You would think the way the media carries on, and politicians and the gobshites in the press, that Benefit Fraud was costing the UK something like 200 billion a year. In reality it costs just over one billion a year. If someone is committing benefit fraud, on a repeated basis, or does it and earns a vast amount of money, then I have no sympathy for them if they are caught offending. They know the consequences of their actions. However, it has to be pointed out that tax evasion costs the UK between 4 billion at a conservative estimate, and 20 billion according to other estimates. I have heard even higher sums. In total, it is estimated that tax evasion and avoidance combined costs the UK of about 95 bilion..

I feel less sympathy for someone on 66k a year fiddling expenses, which is an MP's salary, than I do someone on 67 quid a week Someone on 66k a year fiddling expenses is doing it out of greed.. someone on 67 quid often does it out of necessity. I find it morally offensive that someone with so much money they don't know what to do with it avoids and evades taxes, and to compound that, slags someone off for working on the side to make ends meet. It is not just morally offensive. It is grossly hypocritical.

And to the people hating those on benefits, many of you have more in common with them than a huge corporation or News International. You might end up disabled or being too ill to work in future yourself, or being simply unemployed. How will you feel then, if you are being scapegoated and demonised? People had to jump through hoops so to speak, as it was, to pass Incapacity Benefit tests already, and rightly so.

All these people and organisations know what they are doing when they are whipping up hatred against those on benefits, and I have to say that they are doing a very good job of it. Divide and rule. The oldest trick in the book, and time after time after time, the public fall for it - hook, line and sinker.


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