Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The 21st Century Freakshows

Programmes such as Jeremy Kyle give the ill, poor, disabled and unemployed a bad name, as people watch and stereotype, and think that every poor, ill, disabled or unemployed person behaves like the half-wits or f*ckwits who go on there, when for me, at least half of them are either actors or attention-seekers who will do literally anything to get on TV. For me it is the equal of the Victorian freak show, like when they used to pay to watch bearded ladies and the Elephant man. Look at some of the Big Brother contestants or those who blatantly can't sing who appear on the X-factor in the early stages. On the X-factor there was once a 72-year-old man with a whit...e beard who went on reciting a poem a few years ago.

Other similar "Freak shows" are those such as "My 20-stone tumour", "The fastest man with no legs", "How I passed my driving test at the 74th attempt" and "My life after 20 heart attacks and eight heart stoppages". This is, for me, nothing but sheer car-crash TV.


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