Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Rationale In Taking Heroin

I have never been able to work out why celebrities, in good health, who are multi-millionaires, in happy relations, take luxury holiday, live in big houses, drive top of the range cars, want to f**k themselves up with drugs. I would hate to be harrassed by the media, but the same has applied to a few lottery winners who aren't famous.

If I was rich, I would be too busy enjoying myself to bugger myself up with Heroin. Why perfectly healthy and fit people want to make themselves ill by becoming Heroin Addicts, particularly stars who have it all, or lottery winners, but to an extent, anybody in life, when there are ill and disabled people or frail, elderly people who can hardly walk, who would love to be in their position is beyond me.

I feel it is an indirect insult to those who are like that. I don't get shocked that people find Drug use perfectly rational and sane and yet people with Asperger's and Autism are classed as insane, because I find many views the majority hold to be odd and irrational, and that is one of them, just as stealing cars can be viewed as socially acceptable, or getting drunk and smashing property is. If my views make me insane, than I am pleased I am mad...

It must be that some people are never happy or never have enough. I would hate being famous, being recognised everywhere I go or pestered.. but the money would be nice!


Blogger Adelaide Dupont said...

Hi Kevin.

I take your point about being rich and enjoying yourself.

Two things which might prevent a significant proportion of the famous from enjoying themselves in a healthy and uncomplicated way would be 1) narcissism and 2) lack of responsibility.

(You are very responsible and care for others: high conscientiousness and agreeableness in the Big 5).

Two clues.

(neither are particularly rational!)

First, the people in Iran used more heroin and opium during the Bam earthquake of Christmas 2003.

Second, Jean Leidhoff (of Continuum Concept fame) talks about heroin as being in the mother's arms. It produces that sensation. (specifically the high effects). And being deprived is like not being in the mother's arms anymore - like being abandoned.

References for the first point:

References for the second point:

Liedloff, Jean. [1986] The Continuum Concept. London: Penguin Books.

"Where it can be got in one place; as the infant gets all he wants in his mother's arms".

pages 128-132. [read the whole section from "of all the expressions of in-arms deprivation, perhaps research will confirm that one of the most direct is addicts to a substance like heroin" onwards].

22 June 2010 at 09:57  

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