Friday, 8 January 2010

Daft thought when watching celebrity mastermind

Whilst watching Celebrity Mastermind last night I had a daft thought. One of the guests was former Home Secretary and Conservative leader Michael Howard, who is standing down at the next General Election. It would have been funny if John Humphreys, the presenter, had asked, "Who was it, who asked you the same question 14 times and yet you didn't answer once?" and to that, Howard had replied "Pass".

Baffled??? Watch this link below, particularly from 4 minutes onwards, and you might understand the daft thought....

I signed a document on Monday and wrote 2009, and I wrote it on something else today, even though we have been in 2010 almost a week. Every new year, during the first few days, I always seem to write the year of the one that has just passed!


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