Monday, 16 November 2009

Concentration Span

When I am interested in something, my concentration span is quite good to exceptionally good, and I take in, and retain information a great deal better than when I am not interested in a subject, or partially interested in it. When that is the case, I have to work hard to retain information, and master the subject.

In life, my concentration span is generally quite poor, and it is true that I am quite easily distracted. My brain is not as efficient as the NT brain at filtering outside noises. That is a cause and factor. I accept that. I am an Aspie, after all. What do you expect?

However, I am seriously considering seeing my GP to see if a tablet can be given to stop my mind switching streams when I am doing something that requires concentration, or to be given downers, as you will learn below! I accept nothing can be done about myself being hypersensitive to touch, sound and smell though.

Another pecularity of my concentration is span is that when I feel low or depressed, it improves. I ought to feel low or depressed more often! When I am in a good mood I find it hard to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. When I am in a average mood, I can, but I have to struggle, but when I feel low, I have brilliant powers of concentration.

I am neither a euphoric or a extremely depressive sort of person by nature. I am rarely euphoric or ecstatic when anything goes right, nor am I suicidal when things go wrong. I reckon if I won 45 million on the lottery, whilst delighted, I would keep my emotions and feelings in control and in check. I never get carried away or totally suppressed in life. Nor do I lose sight of reality. Some people are like that. Others aren't.

Another problem of mine is that I can get impatient when I don't do things as well as I want to, though I have a lot of patience in other ways, and am not generally a volatile person. I can be hard on other people and very critical, but I can also be critical and very, very hard on myself if I get things wrong or if things don't progress as well or as quick as I would like. I also find, that life is so rushed nowadays, certainly more than when I was young, and you get the impression that time is everything, and if you don't speed up, you fail.


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