Sunday, 16 August 2009

Where to go and not to go in the UK

If you have money to spend, and want reliable and consistent warm weather for your summer holiday, you would be advised to go abroad, say to Spain or the Mediterranean, or Florida, where you are guaranteed, dry, warm/hot and sunny weather, rather than holiday in the UK, where the weather, but all year round, 52 weeks a year, is notoriously unpredictable. This summer has so far shown the variety which the UK weather can serve up. June was mixed, with fine, dry and sunny weather during the final ten days. July was unsettled and very wet after the 5th. August so far has been a fine, dry and sunny month, even if there hasn't been any heatwave or outstandingly high temperatures.

I remember many years ago, (I think it was in 1989), expressing puzzlement when told that someone I knew slightly was going to Liverpool for an holiday. I questioned, "An holiday?". The person I was talking to answered, "I know, I thought exactly the same". However, I can now understand why they did go to Liverpool on holiday. For holidays in the UK, I would rather spend a week at places such as London, Cambridge, York, (A place I have a love affair with) or the Lake District, or the Scottish highlands, than a week at seaside restorts such as Rhyll, Bridlington, Filey or Cleethorpes.

I don't mind Great Yarmouth, Scarborough, Skegness or Whitby, but I would only visit those places for a weekend or short break, as I would get bored after a week. When I do go on holiday, I prefer places where there are sights to see and things to do. An interesting inland holiday applies to me more than graveyard-on-sea. That applies whether the location is the UK or abroad.

I didn't go abroad until September 2003. Not because I am a xenophobe, but because I couldn't afford it, and because I never really thought about going abroad. One thing which makes me laugh is when people say they are going to leave the UK and live abroad because they are sick of foreigners coming into the country.


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